Intro to Tantra

With some brief overview information so we all understand the principles as well as some basic anatomy that might surprise you (focusing of course on those juicy erogenous areas!) we will present how to extend and turn up the heat in your intimate encounters. The sessions will include:

  • What the Tantric approach to sex is and why it’s important for modern lovers. 
  • Why connection and awareness matters in your sexual experiences. 
  • How to communicate, including how to ask for what you want. 
  • Ways to pleasure each other for heightened ecstatic arousal. 
  • 9 orgasmic zones on a woman and how to tap into her mind through these trigger points. 
  • How to extend his pleasure and erection. 
  • How to co-create magical experiences. 
  • Practical take-aways for you to integrate into your next lovemaking session! 

If you have always wondered what the definitions and history of Tantra are all about, as well as practical ways you can take these ideas into your experiences, even at this event, come and discover, learn, enjoy, laugh, and become a better lover: to yourself and your partner(s)!

Presenters: David and Natalie Harder

David and Natalie HarderDavid is a Certified Tantric Educator, certified by the Authentic Tibetan Tantra LLC in Washington State, USA as well as a trained Level 2 Reiki provider. He believes that you can have a more fulfilled life once discovering the marriage between spiritualism and a more open view of sexuality. David primarily works with women & couples providing Tantric healing sessions that have brought spiritual and sexual healing through the use of Tantric bodywork, as well as teaching to groups and individuals.

Having worked and moved in spiritual environments all her life and moving from religion to inner spirituality, Natalie has an intentional passion for helping individuals explore their own journey of self-discovery through the avenue of Tantra. Natalie is a Certified Tantric Educator and Coach, certified by the Authentic Tibetan Tantra LLC, Washington State, USA. She is also trained in Hot Stone Therapy and is a Level 2 Reiki provider. Natalie works primarily with men and couples and witnessed change and healing in literally hundreds of individuals and couples in both private coaching sessions as well as transformational workshops.