What To Wear

Be Part Of The Experience

We like being an event where people dress up in many different ways, from black-tie to high fetish or even dazzling costumes. You’ll see the full range from casual to dance club attire, to full leathers, to barely anything at all!

Inside the Erotic Masquerade Ball you are welcome to dress as erotic as you feel comfortable, to help keep us legal you must cover your “private areas”. Sheer clothing is acceptable, as are pasties.

Bella's Guide on what to Wear!

With a number of portions of the day and night here is a quick guide.


Friday/Saturday Daytime

Fetishware and BDSM attire tends to rule the day but Jeans and T-Shirts are almost just as common. You'll be walking and standing so think about that when selecting shoes, plus ladies you know you are going to want to wear those high heels a night, so rest your feet during the day! 

We see this as a safe space where you can wear sexy clothes if you want and not feel self-conscious or afraid. Each year more people take the plunge and wear something on the naughty side.

The only requirement is that you must have your genitals covered. We also ask that you cover up in all the common areas, hallways, elevators, restaurants in the hotel. Please use common sense as this is a very large hotel and while we have many attendees we do not have the whole hotel.


Friday Night

Friday night is usually a little dressier than daytime, its the first big show and dance party so look your sexy best! The theme of the night is FETISH.. have fun with it! The main event is a Comdey and Magic so you will be sitting, but when that wraps up it's time to dance.

Friday Late Night VIP Party

This one tends to be the late night party more people dress up, or should I say down for! The theme is Fireball Friday PJ Party! - Lingerie and Boxers are the attire of choice, and as the night goes on it always seems people wear less and less.  


Saturday Night - The Erotic Masquerade Ball

Erotic and Masquerade!
All of the guests at the Erotic Masquerade Ball should be provocatively dressed to impress and we request you wear masks. 

For Ladies
Club wear, evening or cocktail dresses, lingerie, fantasy wear, period costumes, capes and masks.

For Gentlemen
Evening dress (slacks), button down shirts, fantasy or period costumes, capes and MASKS. While not required suits, tuxedos or dinner jackets add a nice touch.

We ask that you help us keep this an upscale erotic event by not wearing Jeans, Gym-Wear or Sneakers at the Erotic Masquerade Ball


Saturday Late Night - At The After Parties

Sexy and sensual....

The after parties are the time to slip into something more comfortable. Maybe something it is easy slip out of!  You can be as sexy as you dare inside the after party suites.  Please remember you must be covered up in the hallways, elevators and public areas, so remember to bring a robe!