Erotic Masquerade Ball Receives ALA Nomination For Best Lifestyle Convention

For the second year in a row SatinSheetDreams' Erotic Masquerade Ball has been nominated at the Annual Lifestyle Awards for Best Lifestyle Convention!

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Just how good was the 2017 Erotic Masquerade Ball you ask?

We worked harder than ever this year to bring the BEST Lifestyle Educators and Entertainment to Rochester in 2017!

It was an unprecedented line up of all-stars like nothing else you find under one roof at any regional event in the Northeast! 

The Erotic Masquerade Ball and our Educators and Entertainers earned 8 NOMINATIONS...

 Convention and Events Categories

• Erotic Masquerade Ball - Best Lifestyle Conventions
• SatinSheetDreams - Best Lifestyle Hotel Socials & Club Parties

 Best Lifestyle Educator Category
Think The Erotic Masquerade Ball is just about the Parties? 
No it's about Education Too!

FIVE of our line up of workshop and session educators have been nominated for Best Lifestyle Educator of 2017! Congratulations Holli & Michael, Goddess Phoenix, David & Natalie! Hopefully you attended one of their workshops this year during the Erotic Masquerade Ball weekend.

• Holli & Michael: Relationship Building Seminars - Best Lifestyle Educator
• Goddess Phoenix: BDSM - Best Lifestyle Educator
• David & Natalie Harder: Tantra - Best Lifestyle Educator

 Podcasts Category
Did you catch the Michael & Holli on Playboy Radio or the live SLS Radio Stream from the Erotic Masquerade Ball this year? 

• Swing with Michael & Holli - Best Lifestyle Podcasts

 Best Lifestyle Performer or DJ Category
Okay maybe The Erotic Masquerade Ball is about the Parties and Entertainment too! 

Which is why we bring national artists to our stage and the BEST DJs around.  
The Dominatrix of Ditties and Rockin’ Ronnie are both nominated for Best Lifestyle Performer or DJ!

• Traci, Dominatrix of Ditties: Comedian - Best Lifestyle Performer or DJ
• DJ Rockin’ Ronnie - Best Lifestyle Performer or DJ

A special thank you to our Champagne Reception Sponsor who is also nominated in Best Lifestyle Travel Agency category!

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The Annual Lifestyle Awards are held Friday July 17th in New Orleans and we will be there to support all of our nominees.

The Annual Lifestyle Awards give recognition to the top lifestyle Parties, Clubs, Conventions, Cruises, Blogs, Resorts, Podcasts and Websites. They are the only awards that recognize all of the industry individuals helping bring the lifestyle to you! Please recognize all of these individuals and companies helping to build a better lifestyle.

We are honored just to be nominated and we want to you thank you all for your support!

Rich & Bella