Kink Expo

Goddess Phoenix is a world-renowned Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Model in the Southeast United States. She brings her Kink Expo to EMB2017!

• The Wheel of Kink  (Friday)

• LED Flogging Demo  (Friday)


• Sensual Touch and Erotic Stimulations - FREE  (Saturday)
In this class you will learn how to increase your sexual experience with your partner using techniques taught by a Goddess.

• The Kink Expo Workshop - $20/per person  (Saturday)
One of my favorite classes to teach is my Demo for Kinky Couples.

You get to learn some of my favorite things to do in this hands on class.  

Spanking and Flogging 
Erotic Candle Wax Play
Sexy Saran Wrap and Bondage 
Role-playng with Miss Kitty 
Advanced Erotic Stimulation 

I've been teaching Kink and BDSM for over 15 yrs and I’m always asked to teach this Kink Expo because it covers so much of what everyone likes and want to try.

Spanking - Anyone can spank someone but want to learn the 4 different ways of spanking someone not for pain but for pleasure. Come to this class and see.

Candle Wax Play - Learn exactly what type of candles to get and play with in this erotic play group and how to stimulate your erroneous zone . 

Saran Wrap and Bondage - this is a fun moment where you learn how to use saran wrap to tie your partner down and have some kink playtime with them.

Roleplaying - with a sexy nurse and so many other erotic charters, you get to be anyone you want when you role-playing. Be a submissive, a Dominatrix, the naughty School girl or the Good Cop and the Bad Cop. Become your favorite Super Hero, Wonder Woman or Superman. Learn how stepping into another role can be erotic and fun.    Feel Free to dress up if you want . 

Advanced Erotic Stimulation for you and your partner
You will learn how to use items such as IcyHot and other household items to spice up your sexy life ! 

This Expo Is something you don’t want to miss !!!

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