Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is SatinSheetDreams' Erotic Masquerade Ball and EMB2017 Weekend?

SatinSheetDreams' Erotic Masquerade Ball is a premier lifestyle convention including top notch entertainment, educational seminars, workshops, meet and greets, parties and after parties!

Over the past 6 years our event has grown from a one night event to a three day full line up of entertainment and education!  The EMB2017 Weekend culminates with SatinSheetDreams' Erotic Masquerade Ball and EMB After Party!  

FOR 2017 - unlike in previous years all of our events, workshops and entertainment are in seperate hotel space and are not inside the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival.  

Please take a few minutes to look around our website to see all the exciting things the extended weekend includes!  

Q: Do we need to attend all of the days?

No You are welcome to attend as much or as little of the event as you wish.  See our ticketing pages for all of the full weekend packages as well as tickets for individual nights or parties.

Q: What is the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival (REAF)?

The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival is a regional and international juried exhibition featuring edgy, hot and beautiful erotic art, performances ranging from classy aerial dance to bawdy burlesque, shopping you won’t find anywhere else and classes in art, dance, and sex ed for adventurous adults. REAF occurs in the same hotel the same weekend as our event.

Q: Are Rochester Erotic Arts Festival (REAF) Tickets Included?

No. In previous years we were able to offer a VIP Package that included tickets to the Festival as a perk of purchasing the ticket.  For 2017 the festival has elected not to offer that to our attendees. If you wish to attend the festival you will need to purchase your entrance tickets at the door or via their website.  

Q: Do we need to attend the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival?

No. You do not need to attend the festival or purchase REAF tickets to attend the Erotic Masquerade Ball on Saturday night OR ANY OF OUR EMB LIFESTYLE WEEKEND EVENTS INCLUDING OUR SCHEDULE OF ENTERTAINMENT AND WORKSHOPS, but there are many many activities and vendors inside the festival and you will need a festival ticket to access these, so we do recommend it for the best experience.

Q: What are the DOs and DON'Ts at the Erotic Masquerade Ball?

DO: Flirt, Mingle, Socialize, Get to know one another on the dance floor, exchange e-mails, plan to meet afterwards at the after parties or in your room.

DON'T: Make unwanted advances on anyone. "No means No!" Anyone that does not understand this or is making unwanted advances could be subject to expulsion from the event, without a refund, at the discretion of our Event Staff.

DO: Have fun: It's a rule, and it's enforced!

DON'T: NO sexual activity is permitted in the ballroom, lobby, elevators, hallways or any public place.

Q: Do I have to be in the "Swinger Lifestyle" To Attend?

No. This is a sex positive erotic event for couples. While we do have many couples that identify themselves as being in the "lifestyle" we also get couples that enjoy the sexually charged atmosphere. It is important that if you attend this event you are open and honest when meeting others about your boundaries.

About General Behavior

There is nothing less attractive than a drunk or spaced-out couple. There will be NO tolerance for pushy people, drama, drunks, or drugs. Please leave all those things at home. Be respectful. We are all adults. Go with the flow. If things don't seem to be working, don't force it. The most important person is the person you are attending with. You are responsible for them. If for any reason (health, work, outside emergency, babysitter, alien abduction, etc.) your partner feels it is time to leave, you must also leave. Please be considerate and do not allow your personal issues to disrupt the evening for everyone else.

Q: Do I have to wear a costume and/or mask to the Erotic Masquerade Ball?

We request you wear masks, but no one is required to wear a mask or costume. If you're making an effort to be sexy, creative, stylish that's perfect.

We ask that you help us keep this an upscale erotic event by not wearing Jeans, Gym-Wear or Sneakers to the Erotic Masquerade Ball on Saturday night.

Click Here For More On What To Wear for the Whole Weekend

Q: Do I need to book a hotel room?

No. You can attend the the Erotic Masquerade Ball without booking a room, but with all the late night parties and activities are you really going to want to drive home?

Q: How do I get on the 'Party Floor'?

Last year our guests spanned 6 floors of the hotel.  This year we have secured exclusive use of two 'Party' floors. To get on these floors you must book a minimum of two nights and pre-purchase your ticket in advance.  Rooms will be place on a first come basis based on ticket sales.  Special room requests (ie King Rooms) may be placed on other floors due to availability.

All single night room bookings will be grouped together on other floors of the hotel.

Q: How do I book a room?

Call (585) 546-6400 to book. Or see below for info on our KISS VIP Tickets.

It is IMPORTANT you book in the SatinSheetDreams room block and NOT the REAF block when booking your room.

Q: What do I do if I think I booked in the wrong block?

E-Mail us or call us at (518) 261-1950.  Be sure to include the last name of the booking and a contact number for us to get back to you.

Q: What is the SatinSheetDreams KISS VIP Package?

NEW FOR 2017! The KISS VIP Package Includes: Your VIP Couple's Ticket to the Erotic Masquerade Ball Weekend AND YOUR ROOM! - No need to call the hotel we will Keep It Simple and take care of that for you, this is the only sure way to get on the party floors! 

VIP Packages are only available in advance and are available for three days, two days or Saturday only.

Q: Can I get TICKETS at the door?

Yes. The tickets will available the night of the event at the door, they are priced slightly higher than the tickets you can purchase in advance. 

Q: Is this event open to singles?

This is an erotic event for couples, if for any reason the woman is unable to attend, the male partner will NOT be permitted to attend alone. You MUST arrive at the door together to gain admittance to the Event and After Party.

Select unescorted females are welcome to attend, but must contact us in advance. Sorry but for this years event single males are not permitted.

Q: Food and Beverages Policies.

- In the Ballroom Parties:

The event will have a cash bar and is professionally catered with some light snacks to help keep your energy levels up. Outside beverages MAY NOT be taken into the event 

- After Parties and VIP Suite Parties:

The after party events are BYOB. You are welcome to have your drink with you, but for the safety of our guests all drinks MUST be in plastic cups. NO Bottles or Glass are allowed to be carried.

Q: Will some forms of sexual activity be permitted?

No Intimate Sexual Activity can occur inside the ballrooms, hallways, elevators or ANY PUBLIC PLACE that's what the after parties and your hotel room are for!

We heard a great term used to describe the ballroom events, they are "A Second Base Party" this means "MUTUALLY CONSENSUAL" kissing and touching above the waist are acceptable.

Nudity above the waist is allowed inside the ballroom.
ANY public acts of sex will result in your removal from the event.